Tiny Tattoos, Austin Tott

American photographer Austin Tott has captured a series of images that match miniature, hand-drawn body art to backgrounds from which they draw visual reference. Tiny tattoos are outlined onto the surface of a wrist, penned on the skin in black ink.

Illustrating small-scale bicycles, little trees and envelopes onto the arm, Tott then holds up the hand amongst various landscapes, sets and scenes, which thematically parallel each drawing. 

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"It’s been life-changing. From the mad things you do while making it, to the experiences you get from traveling around the world promoting it. The Americans love it, which is fabulous. I love that it’s so quintessentially British, yet so globally huge. The scene of me on the back of a motorbike with The Doctor, driving past Big Ben - I’ve never felt more British in my life!" — Jenna Coleman for Glamour UK (June 2014) [x]

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Chloe Bennet + Zebra Music Festival

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Remember me, for we shall meet again.


Remember me, for we shall meet again.

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Congrats to @bbcdoctorwho for winning the Shorty Industry Award for Best Brand on @Tumblr! #ShortyAwards

Congrats, Tumblr Whovians! We just want to say — the Doctor Who Tumblr is your blog and so this is your award! Great job on all of your posts. You are fantastic! Absolutely fantastic!

Now if somebody could kindly come up with an acceptance speech in 140 characters (posted in your reblog), we would greatly appreciate it.